Hayes Davidson

Working at HD is exciting, educational, collaborative and fun. Hayes Davidson has a multi-disciplinary team with expertise from many different fields. Skills and knowledge of architecture, interiors, CG, photography, drawing, surveying, mapping and programming ensure a highly stimulating working atmosphere and a unique approach to our projects.

Professional. Supportive. We take time to recruit the right people and look after everyone who arrives at the studio, making sure they are comfortable and able to enjoy their job from day one. We have a highly supportive training and review system, allowing team members to benefit from ongoing feedback and make real and positive progress in their careers. 

Great backup. The studio has a highly experienced management, technical and support team, backed by extensive resources. The latest kit, 100Mb broadband, render farm, HD Online – HD's team delivery and review system – all add up to a great experience.

Artist first. At the heart of the studio are the artists. Hayes Davidson artists come from a wide range of backgrounds but share a commitment to the highest artistic standards in architectural illustration. We always make sure that artists have the opportunity to liaise directly with clients if they want – we like the team to feel great about their amazing work, and receive praise directly.

A bespoke workspace. The team works in a fantastic loft-style studio, designed specifically for the creation of art and design. Huge networked projection screens allow instant exhibitions of work and support events.

Never stop learning. Hayes Davidson is committed to the ongoing education of the team. Our weekly seminar series is well-known. We invest heavily in technology and use the exponentially growing processing power to allow us to iterate, explore more options, to examine opportunities and most of all to keep learning.

Give something back. We retain a good relationship with the artist community and support a wide range of events and good causes. We always support the charitable initiatives of team members. 

 Day to day the atmosphere in the studio is informal and friendly. Lunches, evenings out, regular team get-togethers as well as the occasional party keeps things fun.