Hayes Davidson

HD Sustainability

Our Vision:

We recognise that there is a growing awareness worldwide of the impact we have as individuals on our environment. As a studio we have significant control over our own actions and decisions. Therefore, we have the opportunity to work together to make a difference, however large or small.

It is our intent to enable our team to work together to evoke positive change for our environment. 


Our aim is to gain understanding and to make informed decisions for the studio regarding our environmental impact.

Through a number of group sessions, and via our internal communications, we aim to continue educating our team; providing relevant and accurate information on current environmental concerns and creating opportunities to discuss potential solutions. 

We encourage open dialogue about protecting the environment and hope to engage, empower and support the team in improving our personal, and collective environmental sustainability practices.

We hope to develop our culture as an environmentally conscious studio and by doing so, align ourselves with like-minded suppliers, clients, and peers.

Our Approach:

Our work is digitally made with mostly digital outputs. Electricity used to power our machines and the studio has been identified as our largest negative impact to the environment. In 2019 we switched to 100% renewable energy with Good Energy, helping to offset our carbon footprint. Travel is our second largest impact, which we offset by planting trees where they are most needed. 

We believe that our team can make a difference, and we lead by setting an example. Our consumables have been examined with everything from recycled printer paper to eco friendly soaps being put into action to inspire those within our studio and visitors that small changes are easily accomplished.


We challenge the team with ‘Zero Waste Weeks’ to consider their plastic intake and work with them to provide alternatives. As a business we believe it is our responsibility to help those around us succeed in their goals of sustainability, and to commit any resources we have to promote positive change.

We love to engage and learn from others, please get in touch if you wish to discuss collaborating on a sustainable project or just for a friendly chat about our initiative.