Hayes Davidson

London continues to grow and its architecture is a reflection of the city's success. Future London is a mix of its built form, buildings approved and those under construction. What shape might the future London skyline take? London Fast Forward celebrates the city to come.

History shows that predicting skylines is complex as proposals may change height, geometry and design, or might not be built. London Fast Forward depicts approved proposals as dream-like, ethereal forms; geometrically accurate but without detail; a skyline of possibility.

Hayes Davidson created London Fast Forward by combining state-of-the-art CGI, 8k timelapse film and highly accurate positioning technology. The studio's 40sq km, 30 million polygon virtual model of London, accurate to 10cm was used with a 3D database of London proposals.

Hayes Davidson pioneered architectural CGI for planning in 1995 and today collaborates with many of London's top architects and developers to create accurate visualisation of their proposals to support the planning application process. The studio has worked on over 500 London buildings and has a track record of successful planning applications for its clients. For more information please contact londonplanning@hayesdavidson.com

The film London Fast Forward and the images on this page are available for use under a Creative Commons 'Attribution - Non Commercial - No Derivatives 4.0' international licence. You may reprint or use online if you attach the credit ©HayesDavidson beside the work and a link www.hayesdavidson.com/londonfastforward is included. For commercial use or if higher resolution images are required please contact medialondon@hayesdavidson.com