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Choosing an artificial Christmas tree

The most important issue on the eve of the New Year: what kind of New Year tree to buy - fir, pine or artificial furry beauty. But when buying live trees there are a lot of threats - beginning with the fact that trees can please you not for long and quickly drop needles, and be unsafe for your health if cut down for example in a radiation-contaminated zone, so we'll stop today on choosing a New Year artificial tree.
Advantages of the artificial tree is in the order of magnitude greater than that of the living one. To begin with, you will have a ready Christmas decoration before the New Year's Eve, and you do not have to crowd in the last days before the New Year holidays and choose a living spruce from the remains and find it difficult to install in the room, looking for a cross or tripod, a bucket of sand and other
So, what is the advantage of buying an artificial tree:
1. Saves every year your family budget. From year to year you do not spend money on Christmas fir, but you buy it only once.
2. An artificial tree does not crumble and is safe for children due to the lack of spiny needles.
3. Buying an artificial tree is the right thing to do in terms of conserving the forest and ecology in general.
4. Artificial trees are made according to the standard of lush pine and fir trees. In reality, such a spruce is very problematic to find.
Artificial New Year trees differ in several criteria, except for a visual similarity to spruce or pine:
• Height: small (up to 90 cm), medium (more than 1 m) and high (more than 3 m).
• According to the texture, Christmas trees and pines are covered with a uniform green coating or with a silver frost coating or snow-covered branches, decorative cones or built-in optical fiber.
When buying a New Year's beauty it is important to consider several factors:
- The size of the room where the tree will be placed
- Price variation
- Interior of the room
- Quality of purchased spruce
About the last point of these factors below and will be discussed.
To the question of the quality of the product to be bought is to be treated very carefully, otherwise you will not get the New Year holidays, but one big disappointment. When choosing artificial spruce it is worth paying special attention to:
• visual examination of the tree for the presence of needle shedding,
• checking the strength of fixing the branches to the base,
• sharp ends of needles, which can lead to scratches and injuries in both children and adults.
It is also important to find out whether the smell of chemicals does not come from the spruce, whether the paint remains on the hands of the needles. Pay attention to whether it is convenient to fold and unfold the spruce, how much is firmly on the tripod. We recommend engaging a conversation with partners, but you can also just sit back and enjoy the show! Girls Roulette Live Cam Sex Best sexting app for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices and your laptop or desktop computer.