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Types of air conditioners

Among the other types used today, perhaps, are most popular. Because, firstly, such devices are distinguished by their simplicity and ability to satisfy the needs of the majority of users, and, secondly, the cost of air conditioners of this type is relatively low. Such attractive characteristics of air conditioners of the wall type lead to the fact that their sales increase every year.
Ceiling air conditioners
Perfect for a small room. The power of the unit is determined based on the size of the room and the height of its ceilings. This type is used in those rooms where it is not possible to connect a split wall mounted system. For example, this is ideal for offices, whose walls are made of expensive materials or decorated with paintings. The ceiling type air conditioner is functional, does not attract attention, and the installation of this type does not require the presence of a suspended structure.
Mobile air conditioners
Indispensable in the event that: it is impossible to mount the unit on a wall; there is a possibility of changing the room (for example, moving); The climatic apparatus will be used at the dacha, that is temporarily. For ease of movement, mobile floor air conditioners have comfortable handles and rollers. Therefore, this type is also called mobile or air-conditioned mobile flooring: they can function perfectly anywhere, without requiring any installation. Heated air in this case is diverted through a special hose in the door or ventochku.Typy apparatus, the description of which we cited above, are not designed for rooms with a complex architectural structure or for offices in which several rooms. For these purposes it is better to choose semi-industrial and industrial air-conditioners. This type of climatic apparatus differs from domestic high-power, the ability to work long-term nature, to intensive operation, as well as the ability to differently combine external and internal units. Aggregates of this type are used in restaurants, shops, large office buildings, shopping centers, etc., that is, where it is required to cool the air of a large space, where the temperature and climate are constantly changing due to the presence of a large number of people and the availability of fuel technology. In this case, cassette, channel, VRV and VRF systems, central air conditioners are used.
Cassette conditioners
Relate to the semi-industrial group and are installed over the suspended ceiling, allowing you to seriously save the space of the room, without disturbing the harmony of the interior. When using the cassette model, the air evenly spreads along the ceiling.
Ducted air conditioners
Like the cassette ones, they are built in under the suspended ceiling and are capable of mixing the street air, but the channel apparatus is hiding behind the ceiling completely (cassette ones are only partially). And air from one room to another is transmitted through special channels (air ducts) so that visually the unit is absolutely not noticeable, and its presence is determined only by the presence of air intake grids.
Multizone VRV and VRF systems
This is an improved version of the multi-split system of the traditional type. Their main advantage over the latter is the increased length of inter-unit communications. They also allow to avoid losses in the produced capacities. Multi-zone VRV and VRF systems are used in residential complexes of elite type, cottages and offices. They are also often found in commercial complexes and administrative buildings. Very often they are resorted to in the organization of work in production premises. Click here to watch Live Webcam Girls and registration is 100% free! Join now in NudeLive community and visit our Online Porn Chat Rooms and more!