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Vertical birth

The traditional position in childbirth is considered to be the "horizontal position" of a woman. There is such an opinion already for 200-300 years. Is this right, let's understand together. Still some five or ten years ago, a woman entering the maternity home with contractions, after some preparatory manipulation (shaving, enema, shower), was placed on a bed or a couch and in the lying position waited for "her fate", or rather the moment when her baby will be born. The one who passed it, I will understand how to lie three, five, or even more hours, almost without getting up, enduring painful fights.
But now much has changed. Already the woman herself has the right to decide where, how and with whom she should give birth.
Most obstetrician-gynecologists now advocate the so-called "vertical labor". What does it mean? And this means that in the first and second and third period of birth the woman herself chooses a position in which she feels herself as comfortable as possible.
In the first period of childbirth, when there are fights, a woman can walk, stand, sit-jump on a ball, lie down on an armchair, take a shower, and even better swim in the pool. All this not only from a psychological point of view, but also from a physiological one cuts this very long period many times and, moreover, it is still less painful. That is why anesthesia in this period is most often not used, because there is no need for it.
In the second period, a woman can also squat or sit on a special chair (such now is in the hospital), "hang" on the Swedish wall or kneel, leaning on the back of the bed. Both the doctor and the midwife closely follow the course of labor and, if necessary, can immediately transfer the woman to a horizontal position, i.e., to lay. This position is more convenient and physiologic for the second stage of labor. Think for a second, whether it will be convenient for you to empty the intestine lying on your back or sitting much easier. Maybe it does not sound very nice, but such a comparison is very suitable for comparing this situation. In addition, when a woman lies, the uterus with a baby with amniotic fluid presses on large veins and arteries, which reduces the flow of blood to the fetus and, accordingly, increases the lack of oxygen.
When a woman is in a vertical position, the baby's head slowly, gently presses on the cervix from the inside, which contributes to its more gentle and correct opening, repeatedly reducing the risk of ruptures of the neck and the birth canal, too.
Well, the third period also passes calmly and in a timely manner, the latter is separated and born on its own due to normal uterine contractions, and not at the expense of the fact that the already tired midwife will soon pull it up.
According to statistical data, the risk of childhood injuries during "vertical childbirth" is also significantly lower than that of traditional ones. This is again due to the more natural course of labor. And babies are born with higher Apgar scores than those born from traditional births. 4K Ultra HD movie genre Documentary 4K download movie, mostly these are nature films, beautiful animals and a colorful nature in UHD