Hayes Davidson

Magnificent seven

So, winter is already a full-fledged mistress in most of our country. And this season, according to experts in the field of fashion, in our wardrobe there should be a “magnificent seven” of the most sought-after things that can warm us on cold winter days. Also, in a few words I would like to say about shoes, and about some accessories, and cosmetics.

As for the bags, leave backpacks and sacks for better times, replacing them with postal bags on long handles-belts. It's time to get long boots with fur and laughter trim, but let the half boots and ankle boots wait for the next suitable season.

In cosmetics, an audit should also be done, in particular, lipstick, for example, scarlet shades, should come to replace the orange lip gloss. https://cheapigfollowers.com/buy-instagram-likes/ In the colors of your wardrobe, pastel shades will be appropriate, instead of neon, etc.

Now, let's discuss directly the fashionable winter wardrobe. If we talk about outerwear, then designers recommend paying attention to the oval style, which has a free cut. This applies equally to coats and jackets, which should look a little too big for you. But the sleeve length in such outerwear will be more fashionable three quarters, and elongated gloves should create comfort. Believe me, in this outfit you will look very elegant.

Also, we advise you to buy a jacket made of soft fabrics such as velveteen, velvet, velor, suede. In it you will feel comfortable, and their appearance will greatly please you.

Increased demand this season is noted for pullovers and sweaters, made of viscous, which is usually called “chain mail”, and their color, a bright blue electrician, will suit literally everyone. On a winter white background you will look catchy and profitable.

Fashionistas are well aware that at the peak of popularity of fur, both natural and artificial, moreover, brightly colored furs are the most popular, so you can safely flaunt in such a fashionable fur coat.

Also, experiments with color are allowed and in relation to trousers and tights, of course, this proposal is more suitable for young women. Of course, you need to carefully select the most harmonious shades. Pay attention to such colors as lilac, burgundy, lavender, smoky, etc.

Leather things do not leave the fashion catwalk, and pencil skirts and sheath dresses made of this material will be especially popular this winter, but with regard to the color scheme, preference should be given to the classics, that is, black.

Shining colors and shades are perfect for ceremonial events, if you are a fan of gold, you can safely put on any “golden” wardrobe items, these can be skirts, dresses, blouses, trousers. As an addition, get yourself the same “golden” handbag.

Here it is - the "magnificent seven" of the coming winter. https://cheapigfollowers.com/buy-instagram-likes/