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Tips for writing a strong conclusion essay

The conclusion is one of the most important paragraphs in the essay because it helps the reader to understand what you wanted to convey to him or her. The reader should understand why your essay was important after reading the final sentences in the essay; also, your conclusion should summarize the main points about which you have written earlier. The size of your conclusion and the number of sentences in it depends on how many paragraphs in your essay.

Following tips below you can successfully write the final paragraph

  • When you write the final paragraph, you need to think about the key points that are worth mentioning. After reading the last paragraph, your reader should have a feeling that the topic is closed and logically over. Your main task is to summarize everything so that everyone has a common essence of the paper. For example, if your essay is about the different causes of accidents on the roads, then you explicitly wrote in each paragraph about a separate reason. Thus, in the conclusion you should specify all the reasons about which you wrote, combining them in one paragraph.
  • You should use your introduction to write a convincing conclusion. Thanks to a good thesis sentence, your essay attracts the reader to continue reading your essay, and thanks to a well-formed final paragraph, the reader can draw perfect conclusions and become aware of the whole point of the read. An excellent and effective way to write a conclusion is to rephrase the introduction at the beginning of your paper.

The difference between the introduction and the conclusion is that the introduction begins with the general and becomes concrete, and the structure of the conclusion is the opposite of the structure of introduction — it begins with a more specific and ends with a general.

  • You should use transition words, for example, 'To sum up, In conclusion, In the end, To summarize,' and so on. Such phrases will help the reader to navigate better your essay, as well as simplify the reading process for the reader.
  • Your conclusion is not a place for new ideas and statements since your main task is to complete the essay, and not to develop it further. The conclusion should be clear and concise.
  • In the event that while writing the last paragraph you have a brilliant idea in your head, then leave a separate place for this statement in the form of a paragraph in your essay, and do not write too much in the conclusion.

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What if you have no idea how to write a conclusion?

It often happens that you have been sitting for a long time and tediously overwriting an essay, but there are no good ideas how you can summarize it, and the deadlines for submitting an essay come to the end. What should you do in this case? In the occasion that you do not know how to write an essay conclusion yourself, then you have the opportunity to seek help from specialists’ research paper writing service.

How does it help you and is it worth contacting such services? The advantages of such services are:

  • Communication directly with the writer. You can chat online with the person who will write the final paragraph for you. Before choosing a writer, you should understand whether this writer specializes in a specific topic that you need or not.
  • Check for uniqueness with the help of different services. An experienced writer will write a unique conclusion for your essay, which is of great importance for you in this work.
  • The complexity of the topic. Since writers with many years of experience work in such services, it is most likely that for them any topic will be somehow familiar and they will be able to qualitatively help you with this task.
  • Urgency and short deadlines. For a writer, a short time to submit an essay or some part of an essay is not a problem. For urgency, you will have to pay more money, but the quality of the written will not suffer in any way.
  • Your budget. With the help of a search engine, you can find writers with different rates for their work and choose the right one for you. However, when choosing this criterion, you should remember that high price is not always an indicator of high quality. To check the quality of a writer's works, it will be better to ask to see his or her portfolio with previous essays.