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The author of the image! Conscious and active creator of it - that's what Bondarchuk sees, the essence of the actor's art. And the appearance of his heroes, almost always developed by him in such detail and detail, is not the way, not the means to fill (at worst!) Features absent in the spiritual world of the actor, but the graphic means necessary for him to reveal the inner life of man, image which he embodies on the screen. That is why the external appearance of his heroes is always not only distinctly individualized, elaborated carefully and in detail, but also informative, always carries a biography, the fate of the character, actively and purposefully contributes to revealing the essential features of the character embodied by the actor.

Remember at least how the appearance of Taras Shevchenko changes with the years - as events unfold. His disobedient forehead becomes gray and gray. Shoulders bend. The gait is getting worse. A young fire in the eyes gives way to a deeply hidden bitterness and sorrow. Even the movements of the hands become more stingy and restrained, as if hampered.

Next to Taras Shevchenko Othello seems to be a giant, although the actor achieves this without resorting to any technical tricks to appear above his height. But the easy gait, the wide, elastic step, the proudly planted head, the free sweep of the hands, the swift, at first joyous, later frantic, desperate movements characteristic of his Othello, clearly enlarge the image perceived from the screen, make us see him as truly powerful and high.

Playing Dymov, Astrov, Pierre Bezukhov, Bondarchuk resorts to a beard and mustaches. But how do they change the artist not only externally, but also from the inside, helping sensually, visually feel the essence of each character's character. Always immersed in himself, quiet, chosen, trying to be invisible Dymov and handsome Astrov, strong, sweeping in movements, in his own way graceful in every turn of his large, strong body - both of them are truly Chekhov's heroes. And at the same time, the Bondarchuk heroes. And next to it - noisy, expressive Pierre. The glasses that he wears because of his short-sightedness give him - especially with this expressiveness - a shade of cute, touching eccentricity, some kind of human "singularity", unusual ...

Today, such an attentive and carefully detailed approach of the actor to external outlines of people, care for their correspondence of time, social environment, customs and signs of the times are not only noteworthy, but also internally polemical. How often, even in the theater, do we now have to face the refusal to transfer the external features of a character ... For example, in the production of the tragedy of AK Tolstoy "The Death of Ivan the Terrible" by L. Kheifitz on the stage of the Central Soviet Army Theater, boyars without beard and mustache, in costumes far from historical. I had to see actors who played Pushkin without any concern for external, portrait similarity) about recreating features that would have reminded the appearance of a great poet. Even the role of Lenin in other plays is performed with a deliberate refusal to transfer features in the conduct of the leader, known and dear to millions. Is it any wonder that with such an approach to the external outline of people who lived at different times than we are, a leveling appears on the stage, a monotony that should remind the viewers that they are not the real life, not the real faces, but the actors , not even trying to get into the "skin" of the executable character, according to the definition of Shchepkin ?! In contrast to this performance manner, Bondarchuk's loyalty to the realistic tradition of the Russian acting school, his desire to communicate his position to the viewer, his attitude to the image through the very image, full-blooded and elaborate inward and necessarily outwardly, are perceived as polemical. And, of course, require an actor who so stubbornly ignores the dictates of stage fashion, of certain artistic courage. Best site hentai games, on PC or MAC, ANDROID - english games download myhentai is not only, it's also a quality Adult Cartoon and 3D Hentai Video.