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Tips for completing Prototype 2. [Main Mission 16] White Light # 003

New goal: tear installation

After the start of the battle with an enemy helicopter, the game unlocks a new attack. You can tear off the rocket launcher installed on the machine. Follow the instructions on the screen - start by jumping to the helicopter (button A).

Immediately after completing the jump, press button B to capture the helicopter. The next step is to press the X (Weaponize) button so that Heller focuses on the launcher. Finally, just as with previous attacks on the APCs, press the X button rhythmically until you tear off the launcher.

New target: destroy the Gallagher helicopter

It is worth using a recently received rocket launcher to destroy a helicopter, and this is also the goal of the bonus mission. Aim at the helicopter (left trigger) and start firing rockets (button X). Successful action will be rewarded with a very impressive scene.

New Goal: Defeat Commander Gallagher to Learn About Whitelight

The fight with Gallagher is very similar to the fight with Dr. Koenig, which took place in the yellow zone. First of all, try to dodge enemy attacks, especially since Gallagher uses very powerful blades.

Look for the ability to carry out quick attacks with claws or antennae. From time to time, Gallagher will stick his blades into the ground, becoming vulnerable for a few moments. So you can use this to run towards him and press the button designated by the game (X or Y).

You can try to attack Gallagher with weapons taken from local opponents, or, for example, with a special “Destroyer” attack. Also note that the battle takes place in public places, so that you can easily restore health by consuming civilians. Keep attacking Gallagher until his health is empty.

New Goal: Swallow Commander Gallagher to Learn About Whitelight

It remains only to approach Gallagher and devour him (button B). When you finish the battle, you will get a new ability - Blades. The game will automatically replace the Claws with the newly obtained Blades, but you can fine-tune everything by opening the "window of forces" during the game (hold the LB button).

Please note that you can immediately test a strong blade attack called “Tornado”, which is activated by holding the X button. This is a very good attack to destroy groups of enemies that are close to each other.

New Goal: Get Away From Pursuit

Depending on your preferences, you can stay in this place, checking the blades or start running, looking for some narrow lane where you can hide. After completing this mission, the game unlocks another one - Capture the Castle. Booking hotels in Tashkent by Elite tours