Hayes Davidson

Six simple rules of health

It is unlikely that anyone will deny the fact that our health depends largely on ourselves. For example, because of a sedentary lifestyle, we risk acquiring many diseases. There are simple rules, thanks to which you can have a long time of good health and keep a charge of vivacity for many years. Let's pay attention to the main ones.
Golden rules of health
Complete sleep
There are 6 rules of health, the first of which is a full-fledged dream. A good sleep significantly strengthens health and restores the body. Everyone knows that you need to sleep at least eight hours a day. But, unfortunately, we often violate this rule and the most unpleasant very often not through our own fault. Although this rule is perhaps the most basic.
The next rule of six is ​​the power mode. Overeating negatively affects the health of the body as a whole and overweight is only one side of the coin. Also, it is advisable to eat at least three hours before bedtime. And after six o'clock in the evening do not eat heavy food for the stomach. Before going to bed, do not drink a lot of water, so that at night the body can rest, and not digest food.
Physical exercises
Physical exercise plays an important role in maintaining good health. It does not necessarily have to deal with debilitating sports complexes. For this purpose simple squats, pull-ups and push-ups that are included in the complex of morning exercises are suitable. The only thing that must be adhered to in the movements is diversity. Physical exercises cause muscles to contract and relax, due to this, blood saturates our body with the necessary substances. In order to strengthen the feet, it is enough just to walk at least an hour a day. Remember that after physical exertion it is important to rest the muscles that you trained.
Healthy foods
Another important factor is healthy eating. It is recommended to include in your diet a sufficient amount of food enriched with coarse fibers, simply speaking foods rich in fiber. And it is also important to use as little sugar and salt as possible.
Sufficient water
It is necessary to drink enough water, but do not do it right after eating. Water dilutes the gastric juice, thereby complicating digestion. After eating, you should rest for 30-40 minutes, and then better to do something mobile. This will help to normalize the metabolism.
Hardening of the body
And the sixth rule of health is the tempering of the body. The body must be hardened at any age. It is known that a five-second contact with cold water strengthens the immune system and the body as a whole. Ideally, this alternate immersion of the body first in hot, and then in cold water. But the contrast shower also hardens the body. You can simply take a cold shower after washing for 10-15 seconds. After the completion of the procedure, it is important to do an intensive wipe with a towel and warmly dress or stay in a warm room.
So, by following these six simple rules, you will keep good health for a long time and keep a charge of vivacity for many years. en.sexlviv.com