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Ruka (Finland) - Description of the resort

There is no need to ask for snow in winter, nor even in autumn or spring. When the natural producer of snow, Mother Winter, only gathers strength for the new ski season, in the Hand, snow cannons are scorched on the slopes with artificial snow. Due to this it is here that the longest ski season in Finland is. With ice, too, no problems, only some fun and entertainment. The pristine nature around the resort attracts travelers traveling with the whole family. In addition, the Hand proved that children are not a problem for skis. The slopes are run by children's centers with Russian-speaking educators. Although the gentle slopes are ideal in order to start the skiing career of the child.


In the ski resort of Ruka, you can ride hand in hand with the champions of alpine skiing, because here the Finnish national team trains and passes the world championships in alpine slalom and freestyle. It is here in October that the ski season starts in Finland, which lasts 250 days and nights, after all 22 routes are lit and open even at night.

On the western slope, professionals prefer to ride, and long and quiet slopes in the east of the resort will suit beginners and amateurs.

90 snow cannons scattered on the slopes, ensure that the snow throughout the season will not disappear.


Excursions in the Hand

It turns out that even Santa Claus has a country cottage, and it is about half an hour's drive from Ruki. Mrs. Klaus is ready to feed everyone a delicious cookie, and Santa plays all day with children on the street.

Skiers from all the surrounding resorts come to the capital of Lapland Rovaniemi for the sake of competitions in shopping races in shopping centers.

The northernmost zoo in the world - Ranua (45 km from Ruka) - gathered on its territory representatives of all forest and celestial inhabitants of Lapland.


On the heights of Kuusamo and Salla, the National Park "Olanka" is 270 km away. Despite the availability of signs, convenient parking for picnics with firewood and civilized paths, the nature of the park has remained untouched. "Olanka" is a possession of a brown bear that protects one of the most beautiful orchids in the world - a slipper, growing on the swamp.

Things to do


To get around the center of the ski resort of Ruka, there is not much time, free buses take up to the ski lifts, so Nordic walking through the woods was invented to stretch your legs. After which you can cool your feet in the hole. Less desperate people will find themselves on the ice. Ice skating, hockey matches, ice fishing and even extreme karting on the ice track. And having relocated in heat, in the sports club "Hand-Club" you can play more traditional games: tennis, badminton and squash.

In summer the movement in the resort also does not freeze. Russian-speaking guides lead guests along the 9-kilometer circular route around the hill of Rukatunturi.


25 km from the resort of Ruka in the lunar town of Kuusamo is a tropical oasis, a water park Holiday Club Kuusamon Tropiikki. The four-hour ticket costs 18 €, but nobody leaves so quickly from the water world. A piece of summer in the far north wants to stretch for longer, so it's more profitable to buy a family ticket.

Most vacationers live in the wooden cottages of Ruki, and in the evening they all go to the hotel Rantasipi Rukahovi, where the only disco is located. But this is not the only place where you can dance. Dances on the tables are practiced in the restaurant Zona.


In the vicinity of the ski resort of Ruka there are more than 5000 water bodies, rich in white fish and trout. Therefore, local restaurants compete in intricate fish dishes. Stuffed vendace, creamy soup from cod, whitefish on a skewer ... And all this complement berry jelly and jelly.

The meat table in Hand looks even more impressive. Venison, wild boar, rabbit, ptarmigan, black grouse and even bear meat are the basis of the local diet.

Finns appreciate their game, so the prices in the restaurants of the Hand are also a bit wild and biting. So, the bear stew costs 60 €, and the mushroom soup will cost 17 €. The cost of a bottle of wine starts from 25 €. Also pay attention to the new developing site: Veo Porno Gratis - Vídeos XXX gratis y online.