Hayes Davidson

Review of the movie "The Wind That Shakes the Heather"

The title of the film refers to a poem written by writer Robert Joyce, and is devoted to the Irish uprising against Great Britain in 1798. And the plot of the film tells about the Civil War in Ireland in the early 1920s. This war was of great importance for Ireland, as it laid the foundation for the country's complete independence from Britain. In the whirlpool of this war is a young Irishman Damien O'Donovan and his comrades ...

Subjects of the film presupposed intrigue and interesting narration. And a decent budget for Irish cinema, at $ 8 million, allowed it to be enhanced with spectacular action scenes. And it's just a miracle that a dull military drama came out of it, oversaturated with events that do not carry any curiosity or weight. As if something is happening on the screen: everything begins with small conflicts between the Irish and the impudent English military, who constantly "press" the local. The Irish burst patience, the guerrilla struggle unfolds; The British are going to a certain compromise; a peace agreement is signed between the British government and the rebel leadership, which many Irish people see as treason. After the disappointment comes, the deployment of a new struggle, and the Irish are already starting to shoot at the Irish, and in the same places where yesterday the Irish fought against the British. In theory, it could be kind of interesting, epic and tragic.

But director Ken Loach missed all the interesting idea. Watching events is not interesting, the main character's story is chaotic, there are practically no battle scenes, the horrors of the war (including interrogations, beatings and torture) are not shocking. Only a couple of dialogues are interesting to hear when the characters discuss important issues that are characteristic of any war of independence. Moreover, some serious disputes between Ireland and Britain are still outstanding.

Acting, the game is acceptable, but there are not enough stars from the sky either. And this despite the fact that the main role of Damien was played by Killian Murphy, who already then was known for his roles in the films "28 Days Later" and "Batman. Start"; and in "partners" he was given Liam Cunningham, now known for his role as Davos in the series "The Game of Thrones."

Most shocking visual part. Shocking because of his poverty, despite a decent budget. The picture, which is oversaturated with green tones, can still be called more or less decent, although this is the level of serials, not high-quality copyright films. But the operator did not bathe at all - stood all the time somewhere on the other end of the set and took only general plans. One of Killian Murphy's speeches was taken by the operator in such a way that only the head of the actor could be seen. In a word - hack-work. And a couple of beautifully filmed landscapes of nature do not correct the situation. The most surprising thing is that the camera was directed by the famous operator Barry Ackroyd, who later would prove much better in the films "The Hurt Locker" (at the box office - "Storm Lord") and "Green Zone".

The lack of an atmosphere of the era is also evidenced by the lack of an atmosphere of the era, despite a good props: authentic costumes, Irish houses, a couple of cars in the style of the 1920s, and black and white films in cinemas. But this is not impressive.

Verdict. "The wind that rocks the heather" is a rather weak military drama. It has some nice moments and features, but, apparently, you need to be an Irishman, so that this film is liked. You can allways watch our sex cam token with the ability giving happiness by tip some tokens to your favorite model(s). Enjoy webcams! Watch live web cam shows of girls, men, couples, & transgender. Free cams of amateur exhibitionists. Free to broadcast, free to watch, free to chat.