Hayes Davidson

Review of the movie & quot; You drive! & Quot;

This game has been going on for thirty years. Hogan (Ed Helms) and his friends never lost their excitement and thirst for victory, fleeing from the inevitable stigma, which is transmitted by an easy touch. Annually during May five school friends play this game. Only Jerry (Jeremy Renner) has never lost, no matter what rivals he did not like. This year, the month of the game is at his wedding and everyone understands that this is the best chance to finally get even. Therefore, Hogan gathers friends to implement a plan for revenge. But Jerry is not in vain is the best. He is ready to compete even on an incredibly important day of his life, spoiling all romance.

& quot; You drive! & quot; - this is another Hollywood tape, based on real events. Well, who would doubt the mainstream. This time, it is necessary to pay tribute to the director: promotional materials introduce us to the history itself, show the so-called "home video" with a game of catch-up. It's like a joke, which has been stretched for life and at the same time it loses its relevance. So this time it's even interesting to check out this tape. Approximately so you perceive this fact until the moment when it turns out that the filmmakers again inflated the whole of King Kong from Mowgli for the sake of an exciting plot.

That is, no matter what the real background of the action, in the film everything is sliding down to a violent phantasmagoria. In the end, both elements, the statement about & quot; reality of events & quot; and the corresponding absurdity of the picture, harmoniously complement each other, compensating for the shortcomings on both sides. Due to this, the viewer experiences for the heroes and at the same time laughs at the actions of the characters. All this set is steeply put and fascinated. In addition, the spectacle is mostly energetic and very funny.

At the same time, the choreographers were so worn out that some actors sometimes performed really stunning tricks. Especially when they fell on all sorts of obstacles. Jeremy Renner during the execution of the trick broke his arm in two places. This despite the fact that the actor is quite a rich experience of this kind of shooting.

Sometimes the tape deliberately & quot; sags & quot; to justify its advertising slogan. It is at this point that one can find fault with a number of obvious shortcomings that arise when an imbalance of the two main elements breaks down the whole concept set by the director.

At the end Jeff Tomsich tries to add dramas to somehow offend the audience. But after & quot; children & quot; catching up with steep tricks and real dramatic scenes, which are put out as comedic, in such things somehow do not really want to believe. Moreover, all these "important moments of life", such as funerals or weddings, serve as normal scenery and do not play almost no significance in the life of the characters. Consequently, they also lose all meaning for the audience.

& quot; You drive! & quot; - this is a comedy that most of the time keeps on the brink imposed by the marketing of "real history" and amazing choreography. The tape seems to represent a child's toy that "survived" together with the heroes all the key moments of life and still keeps them together, but adult humor and vulgar vocabulary too rudely continue the fragile line of a carefree past. In general, if not to worry, then the tape is ideal for relaxing a la "laugh at popcorn." Porn for Women, Porna, Romantic, storylines, fantasies & more! kinosalo.com/categories/erotika site with Erotica and Free Porn Videos For Women.