Hayes Davidson

Works in August with berry bushes and grapes

What kind of care is needed for berry bushes in August? We must try not to miss the harvest of black currant, since most varieties are prone to overripe. As a result, berries can crumble. And red and white currants are more resistant to overripe, so you can pick berries and later. And one more tip - do not water the bushes when the berry ripens. Let it become sweet and dry before collection. And only after all the berries have been harvested, the bush will begin to lay new fruit-bearing buds. And at this time they need fertilizer (potassium monophosphate (in dry form) - ten tablespoons for each bush) and then in copious watering (no less than six buckets of water under the bush). After this, compulsory mulching (humus or reparted organic).
Now we carefully examine the black currant for pests. Most often, these bushes are affected by currant leaf gall midges (larvae from milky to yellowish color). Do not regret, cut off the infected leaves and be sure to recycle! If there was not enough time in July, then in August it is necessary to rub raspberries! We cut out the shoots completely, as they say under zero, near the soil itself. You do not need to leave the hemp.
 Also we look through young shoots and from them we leave only those which are better developed. And they look more strong and powerful shoots.
We must not forget about the most sunny berry - grapes. Mandatory loosening of the soil and additional fertilizing with organic. And in order for the berries to become very mature, large and sweet, it is necessary to perform one action, which is called chasing. What is it? It is necessary to remove the apical part of the shoots (somewhere about thirty centimeters with a maximum number of unbroken leaves of no more than seven). This promotes better ripening of the vine itself and makes it resistant to diseases and sudden changes in weather. Closely inspect the bunches of grapes. We break off the leaves that cover the berries. Under them, the fruits do not get enough sun and heat. Try to make it accessible to direct sunlight, give recharging berries solar energy.
It is also necessary to fertilize grapes with potassium sulfate (potassium sulfate). We make a solution from the calculation of two dining rooms and one teaspoon per a bucket of water. This drug can be used both for root (watering for root), and for foliar (leaf) feeding. For what? It is potassium fertilizers that give berries sweetness, sugar content and remove acid. how to build a bitcoin casino welcome bonus