Hayes Davidson

Relationships ESFJ (Enthusiast) and ENFP (Advisor)

VZakazchik will treat the sub-order indulgently, forgiving him all the weaknesses. The pre-order sees in the customer a certain ideal who wants to imitate and try to get praise by any means.
In this couple, ESFJ (Enthusiast) is trying to please his custom-made one - a noisy, cheerful and energetic person, ready to create a holiday wherever he is. His sub-order ENFP (Advisor) is an energetic person who seeks to find everything new and actively makes acquaintances.

The Advisor especially loves to learn everything new in matters of nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, bodily needs, comfort. For him, an enthusiast is an expert in such matters. In comparison with it, ENFP feels stupid in everyday matters and tries to imitate him in this area. And he will be happy if the customer praises him - after all, an impression was made on him!

Logic is weak in the union. There is no person who can soberly and without emotions look at any problem. Budget planning, transactions, fundraising - these are two problems for two ethics. Optimization of activities will be difficult to understand in this pair. But some of the questions will be taken up by the Enthusiast, who is rational and loves the life flowing according to plan.

Rationality and irrationality will become a classic flaw of a pair of social order. The adviser does not plan anything and has a craving for surprises with the lack of thinking about the consequences. But the Enthusiast does not tolerate uncertainties and wants everything to be thought out in advance.

ENPF with developed intuition can look at the problem globally, which is appreciated by the specifics and materialists of ESFJ. He will now know how to act differently in a given situation, what awaits him tomorrow. The adviser knows what will happen next and shares these forecasts with the customer.

In return, the Enthusiast thanks him and does the housework, which falls within his competence. And receives support in the form of improving an already good mood, along with pulling up for new adventures.

Such partners will always have common sentiment, but the main problem will remain. The gender distribution here will also affect the general state of affairs.

Husband is ESFJ, wife is ENFP.

In such an alliance, the picture is extremely mixed. Husband-enthusiast is worth many forces not to break, doing both work and household chores.

The wife of ENFP strives to be extremely unpredictable and tries to entertain her husband with reincarnations. Her mismanagement can annoy ESFJ: order is more important to him, not entertainment, which he himself is capable of. Such a man is very emotional, because of which there may be a conflict.

Husband is ENFP, wife is ESFJ.

In such an alliance, a “horseback ride" takes place and the partners successfully switch places. Developed intuition will help the male Advisor to find a well-paid job, but most often it is associated with communication with people and the promotion of various ideas and projects. A woman such as ESFJ is one of the best housewives in whom all household chores will work out successfully.

An ENFP man becomes a worthy employee, if the occupation does not mean working in the office from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. he can easily get bored. For success, he chooses a job where he needs to communicate with people, which he succeeds very well. The ESFJ woman will happily take care of the business. She is beautiful and keeps the house in order, and brings up children.

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