Hayes Davidson

Overcome loneliness - turn to pagan magic

The heaviest suffering people endure because of loneliness. The absence of a close and dear person, warm and trusting relationships, is the most severe psychological trauma. Someone is trying to sublimate, laying out on the full at work, someone is looking for himself in public activities, in a hobby, but all these are imperfect ersatz who can not compensate for the absence in life of the main thing - love.

And if it is corruption?
What is the cause of such a sad fate? Sometimes the reasons are psychological, people are not able to build close relationships, but rather often there is karmic conditioning, and even elementary human envy, expressed in guilt on loneliness.
If, in the first circumstance, only an experienced highly skilled psychologist can help, in the second and third cases, assistance can be provided at the level of subtle energy, that is, magically. And, for starters, you can not turn to magicians and psychics, and try to solve the problem yourself, the blessing, such opportunities are quite affordable for anyone who can repeat a simple simple algorithm of magic manipulation.

Ritual for deliverance from loneliness
What should be done? To begin is better from a campaign on the market, there where the live bird is on sale, and to buy to the woman - a hen, and to the man - a cock.
Exactly at midnight, a bird with bound legs assigned to the ritual, laid on the floor in the center of the room, is covered with a towel made from natural cloth (cotton, silk or linen), lit by a church candle and led clockwise around the head of a chicken or rooster, pronouncing the spell:

Male version:
How not to carry the eggs to this cock,
So I do not have to be lonely

Female version:

How not to sing this chicken,
So I do not have to be lonely.

This text should be repeated any odd number of times, but not less than nine. After this, leaving the bird to the morning under the veil, you can lie down with a light heart.
In the morning, as soon as possible, you need to go back to the same market and sell the used bird in the ritual to the first buyer at a symbolic price, at least for the ruble. If for some reason this could not be done, for example, it happened to oversleep or the buyer did not appear for the live bird, then it should be presented to someone of friends.
If everything was done correctly, and the spoilage was not super-strong, then this ritual should help get rid of loneliness. Otherwise, you should find a professional. Buy indiumdraht on link http://www.avglob.de/indij-provoloka-krug.html on website Avek Global.