Hayes Davidson

One bird or couple

The only wavy parrot feels lonely when (and this can not be avoided) a person - his partner in communication - leaves the house for long hours. In addition, no man can - even if he will stand by the parrot for hours - to replace him with a feathered tribe. A couple or a small flock of wavy parrots you can leave without a doubt for a long time. Their small crooked beaks are constantly cheerfully tucked up, the birds are healthier and more cheerful, as they can realize their natural need for communication.
Nevertheless, some buyers spend a lot of energy on caring for a single animal. It is known that a wavy parrot, being a social being, weakens spiritually and physically without close communication. Buyers are afraid that their home friend will not be so tame and affectionate if they live with a partner of the same kind that only single birds learn to speak, readily approach when they are beckoned with a finger and easily establish intimate contact with the owner.
This, however, is not quite so. And the two wavy parrots that are kept together can become tame if they engage intensively with them.
Anyone who still decides to buy a solitary bird should choose his own cheerful chick. At the age of 6 to 12 weeks, these birds are easily accustomed to the unusual environment.
Daily it is necessary to spend many hours on employment with the house friend, games and conversations with it. Only in this case the connection of a wavy parrot with its owner will become close and harmonious. The bird will be completely focused on his only partner, the host, and suffer when he is not at home for a long time. And it can happen faster than usual. Vacation, occupational employment or illness can lead to the fact that you will have to leave your wavy parrot for a whole day alone.
Therefore, you must at least a month later buy for your already hand-bird partner. If the second bird is younger than the first, it will be guided by the behavior of the older one. So you will not lose the affection of your first undulating parrot, but double the number of friends among small Australians and make them a normal life.
The presence of a partner promotes self-affirmation and health of birds that can successfully realize their natural needs.
Despite this, you will not be left alone. Hand and affectionate birds will always play and seek entertainment with their "wingless two-legged". At night, you can be sure that your birds do not experience mortal fear, since they also feel the presence of other wavy parrots in the dark. Similarly, if you are not at home during long daytime hours, two birds will not feel abandoned and abandoned. Anyone who dares to buy a wavy parrot should think about the place, money and time in any case, it is necessary to count on two animals. As awesome bitcoin casino USA complete anonymity