Hayes Davidson

Review of the drama "Cinderella & quot; (Cinderella) (2015)

The history of Cinderella was filmed more than 80 times. In this case, we are dealing with the classic story of Cinderella, and not with a new look at the good old fairy tale. As it was, for example, with "The Witch" (based on the work of Charles Perrault "Sleeping Beauty").

The role went to Lily James, who very easily and beautifully embodied on the screen the image of the same Cinderella.

Good, beautiful, hardworking, a little naive, with faith in the heart. The actress is doing well: she really believes that the girl does not notice her own worth at all, and is struggling to fulfill her mother's will - to be strong and to believe in good.

Cate Blanchett played well the evil stepmother. And this, in my opinion, is the best part in the film. A woman who loves to live on a broad foot and is furious at the whole world because of the death of her husbands. She believes that in this way they betrayed her, freeing themselves from the need to support and provide for their daughters. In appearance, like, strong and cruel, but in the soul - an unhappy and broken woman. All these emotions were transmitted simply wonderful.

Madden (Robb Stark from the "Games of Thrones"), who played Prince of China, is perhaps the ideal image of the fairy-tale Prince Charming on a white horse, which every woman dreams of. Handsome and intelligent, rather modest, who wants freedom, love and prosperity of his own kingdom. Due to the script in Madden, there was no way to turn around, so the character turned out to be a one-sided one.

The secondary characters here are mainly for furniture and for creating a common entourage. Stupid and pampered sisters, wise king, noble general, crazy fairy (eccentric Helena Bonham Carter) - all under the standard program.

But the picture makes a very good impression. First of all, thanks to the masterful production of Kenneth Branagh. Exquisite clothes and suits, hairstyles and make-up, interior decorations - all this is removed at the highest level. Only for sewing Cinderella dresses (for the film they were made 9 pieces) took more than 240 meters of fabric and 10,000 Swarovski crystals.

Kenneth Brannah, known for his Shakespearean productions, for such things he is a recognized master. He and from the first "Torah" created almost a work of art, if you take the visual component, well, here was a mini-masterpiece. Just for the sake of visual this tape is already worth a look.

Very beautiful fairy tale. Yes, we all know well what begins and ends the story of Cinderella, but the film is shot with such warmth and love that it can charm the viewer. Of course, I'm not against any possible non-canonical adaptations (such as the "Witch"), or in general frankly hooligans (such as "Alice in Wonderland" by Tim Burton) - I always want an originality and an unconventional approach. sexescortguide.com