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About the movie & quot; Sex and the City & quot; 2 2010г.

Millions of women around the world celebrate - the film "Sex and the City" 2 (2010) went to theaters. Two years after the success of the first film, shot on the basis of a super-popular series, the producers released a sequel.
By the way, the word "success" is far from being fully suited to describe the triumph. With a budget of $ 65 million, "Sex and the City" (feature film) collected 415.2 million dollars in the worldwide box office! Agree, from a commercial point of view, this film is just perfect.
A huge number of women on the whole planet, regardless of their status in society, the color of hair and marital status has a common passion - the series "Sex and the City." A full-length film with this name is just doomed to success, even if there are not a single man in his cinemas.
The budget of the second part "a little" grew up, the filmmakers invested 100 million dollars in their offspring. To a large extent, the increased budget contributed to the increased appetite of the stars. The most enviable appetite was demonstrated by Sarah Jessica Parker. "Sex and the City" cashed out immediately for $ 30 million of honorarium for his main star.
For "Sex and the City" is characterized by a rare stability. Starring the same four, the director is the same Michael Patrick King, who, in addition to the series and two full-length "Sex ...", by and large, no known works.
The main events of the film are still happening in the big city.
True, this time it's not New York, but ... Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE. And of course she dragged all the girlfriends to the Arab country, the most restless of the four - Samantha, who will remain in her repertoire, which will not always be liked by such hot-looking Arab men.
In the film there will be a place for the famous oriental color, a huge quantity of expensive clothes and accessories (and somebody doubted it?), The ghosts of the past, and of course, romance and sex. In addition, the film has interesting flashbacks - scenes from the 80s - in which they show how the main characters met for the first time.
Interesting facts about the film "Sex and the City" (2010):
- in the film, Lisa Minelli is removed, which is not clear why she sings the song Beyonce. A peculiar logic for the filmmakers
- According to the plot, the events in the film take place in the capital of the UAE, but the producers could not convince the government of this Muslim country, and they categorically forbade shooting a film about sex on their territory. Therefore, the shooting took place in a more liberal Morocco, and to shoot scenes in the desert had to go to North Africa
- this film - one of the record holders for hidden (and sometimes not very hidden) advertising of the most famous brands. If you want, you can calculate how many times the name of a trademark flashes on the screen. True, it's an ungrateful thing - how to drink to give a mess. HD quality young porn videos with Sexy Girls 18 streams of these amateur, nude girls.