Hayes Davidson

Fashion trends of the season

Color spectrum
Black color is an eternal classic! Equally good in itself, and as a background for multi-colored combinations. Especially elegant looks a combination of basic black with white patterns and drawings, or white accessories, such as: hats, shoes, scarves, etc., the main thing is to place the accents correctly.
No less important is the combination of black with different shades of yellow, and it is black that acts as a stylish color addition: black handbags, ornaments, high boots, gloves, etc. The most successful solution: black accessories from patent leather.
In the new season is slightly less influential, but also fashionable, gray. As a rule, to create an expressive, romantic image, multi-layered air fabrics of gray tones are used. As for shoes, in the case of choosing a gray scale, the ball is ruled by a one-tone combination of leather and different textures (varnish, velor).
Original and interesting color choice in favor of a tinted variety of red: juicy cherry, fuchsia, bordeaux, cowberry, etc. Deep complex colors a la forest berries luxuriously look in the creation of the evening style, especially in combinations of chiffon, satin, or silk fabrics with the color transition effect, or with lacquered accessories of pearl luster.
Option for urban everyday life - a combination of fabrics of the color of "forest berries" of tweed, cashmere or corduroy with leather (with textured embossing or vintage toning). For different accessories classic red is suitable. Gloves and a bag-clutch, scarf and lipstick of red flowers will become a stylish and harmonious addition to the image.
The special squeak of the season is a traditional, but neat and proportional combination of red with gray or black.
Variants of invoice and forms
Clothing and accessories from patent leather, as before, prevail in the collections of the new season. Only the variants of the varnished coating themselves change (for example: embossing for reptiles, vintage inserts). Absolute hit - the effect of the "chameleon", when under different angles of view and under different illumination a holographic color change occurs, a tinted transition from dark to light, or "film" effect.
When choosing the finishes of bags, shoes and belts, a patchwork technique is often used, sewing of the whole material from different flaps of color and texture.
The classic stitching of accessories in the spirit of Coco Chanel is ideal for any style, from casual and sporty to business and elegant, and therefore returns now from fashion past to modern fashion.
In the accessory fashion, the use of abrasive leather is also becoming popular. This polished leather with a matte glossy surface, processing technology which ultimately creates a stunning effect of a harmonious multi-color transition!
Well, still in the fashion of various animal designs, prints and patterns under the zebra, python, leopard, etc. And the fur trim of the pony will be an excellent choice for winter accessories.
As for shoes in the new season, then in addition to the form of the heel (this has already been mentioned above), you should also choose the shape of the nose. In this matter, the oval shape still prevails, both perfectly round and slightly pointed. Smoothed or filled with a square is also a successful form of the toe part of the shoe. The sharp-nosed shape of the shoe must be shortened and full. buy bar stool online