Hayes Davidson

Weight of the roller - weight depending on the model

The mass of road rollers is one of the most obvious indicators, taking into account that, you can easily differentiate the machine you own or vice versa - planned to purchase. Traditionally, the weight of the rink is divided into three groups. One of them is heavy cars, the weight of which varies from ten to fifteen tons. By average, the technique is from five to eight tons. Mass rink from two to four serious can not be called. Because such cars are usually called light.

Individual experts somewhat complicate the classification of road vehicles by introducing additional groups. For example, ultralight machines are also available. Since the weight of the rink of this kind is rarely more than two tons, and since it is mainly used for the arrangement of pedestrian areas and sidewalks, it is called pavement. But in the case of very large rollers, the mass of which is about 20 tons higher, they are usually considered extra-heavy. But the latter definition is rarely used in both special literature and in everyday life.

The weight of the rink is the most significant indicator that determines the efficiency of its operation under specific conditions. Somewhere better suited (and it is more expedient to use them) - heavy machines, and in some cases it is quite possible to do both medium and even light. Unfortunately, not all road brigades in Russia understand the importance of such differentiation, and therefore there are cases when pavement skaters took part in major capital repairs of highways, and a clumsy powerful technique was for some reason started on paving playgrounds in kindergartens. It is impossible to judge strictly such experimenters.

Not all of them carry out similar errors because of their professional incompetence and incompetence. Experienced workers in the field of road construction and repair we have enough. It's another matter - not everyone has the means to maintain a rich park of road machinery, where you can choose a car for a specific type of road works. There is a high probability that with the development of rental of special equipment in the construction sector will resolve this problem.

The mass of the roller is directly related to the features of the structure and operation of the rollers, which are usually from one to three on each piece of equipment. On some modern models this value is by no means constant. They have the ability to increase and decrease pressure on the surface being treated. Especially often such technologies can be found in the design of trivalent machines. But also the old Soviet technique, it is always possible if not to relieve, then at least measure - significantly heavier. For this, more than one generation of road masters uses sandbags. The weight of the rink is added even at the expense of large stones and metal scraps. Jordan Stone & Tile made my walk-in shower look new again! The builder did not have the tile installers seal the gout in our master bath shower and I could not get the deep stains that had penetrated the grout out. Jordan did a remarkable job and I would recommend his service to any one tired of the chemicals and back breaking effort to keep a tiled shower clean. Now I can show off our home without worry of mildew and embarrassment.