Hayes Davidson

Magic and music.

Magic and music.
Music is the product of sound. The sound began the universe. Sounds constantly haunt us. You cannot escape and hide about them.
Even before people learned to speak, they were looking for any way to extract sounds: the sound of a stick on a tree, the sound of a stone falling into water, etc. So the first musical instruments appeared. It is not surprising that not a single ancient magic ritual is complete without music.
Music can evoke various emotions, thanks to which the magic ritual will be more effective. Music can also help with fortune-telling: Tibetan sages fell into a trance and saw the future, thanks to a certain combination of sounds. Shamans used the sound of a tambourine to communicate with higher powers, to call spirits and ask for their help.
Sounds can both contribute to magic, and reduce its effect to nothing. For example, some ceremonies require strict silence. As a rule, these rituals are associated with fortune telling, since an incorrect sound can “frighten off” the image of the future. The call of the spirit cannot do without sound, since the spirit must find by the sounds the one who calls it.
Because of this, many rock music performers were once accused of evil spirits. Indeed, some of them slightly remade ritual music in a modern way. Such music aroused strange sensations in people. Since each person’s body has its own structure, these feelings were frightening to some, but to others, on the contrary, they enjoyed it. If a person feels discomfort when listening to such music, this activity should be stopped immediately. In the opposite case, exacerbations of chronic diseases, decline in immunity, slow destruction of the body are possible.
As you know, music helps in the treatment of diseases. In many hospitals, the so-called “music therapy” has been put into practice. It consists in the fact that patients are taken to a special room, where they listen to classical music for a certain time. A favorable result can be noticed after two weeks: the heart rate normalizes, the kidneys start working better, the energy of the whole body is activated. Perhaps that is why Druids and shamans once loved music so much.
Music is part of a magical ritual. It can have both favorable and negative effects on: a magical ritual, on a person. Use music with caution, as the consequences of improper use of it often haunt people all their lives. odessa.natashaescort.com