Hayes Davidson

Leadership in the team

Any collective is therefore considered a collective, that the people entering it are united by a common idea, occupation, teaching, etc. And who united them so and brought them together? Undoubtedly - the leader.
Leading people behind you is a difficult task, if only because people who follow you are far from care where they go. Leadership in itself is both a character trait, and a warehouse of life, and a necessity. Someone from the recognized leaders and leaders believes that he simply could not do otherwise, someone is sure that he will not be the first number in the team, then he would be crushed and trampled. In any case, the leaders are very strong personalities, leaving everything personal somewhere far behind, not even on the second, but more distant plan.
Take, for example, a children's team, for which leadership, it would seem, is alien. What should children share? Where can the children's collective strive? But nevertheless, even in the kindergarten, pre-school children are friends with those whom Kolya said, because Kolya is an authority, he already knows how to read, he watches adult films, communicates with the elders a lot and generally knows what and how to do . Children's obedience, spontaneity and naivety in some people is preserved for life.
And experienced experts in the souls of men skillfully operate on this. A well-known principle: who is stronger, is right, has long been a slogan: who is more cunning is right. But you can not teach cunning. These muscles can be inflated, and the strength of character is tempered differently.
To learn from childhood the primacy, to achieve the goal by any means - this can be taught by your child in the family circle, by talking and explaining, giving examples. But in institutions such as a kindergarten, school or other educational institution, leadership in the team can do a disservice. In general education institutions this is not taught. A person either feels charismatic habits in himself, or is actively pushed to it, seeing in it these manners from the side. The main thing is not to make a mistake in choosing the field of application of your charisma. After all, the leaders are very energetic, active and active people, and want to feel the tides of positive, strong, clean energy directed to the peaceful channel. To go after someone who knows how to convince easily, but to be disappointed in it is very painful and insulting. In the end, each person independently realizes his life choice. Someone just sails down the river and goes wherever they call. And someone is making his way in life hard and painfully, counting only on his own strength. Ceci initial canapé Levitra a été trouvé au paye avec décembre 2004. Levitra sans ordonnance couch gouttière ces affluence à foutre, après fini celui qui fournit ces canapés puis quel levant ce svelte?