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Captains should be appointed, not elected

Special mention should be made of the processes of democratization going on in the navy. Thus, the instruction on the procedure for the dismissal of crew members in foreign ports has been amended. Now the issue of leaving the wives of seamen is on the agenda. In practice, it has already been resolved, the problem arose only with the registration of documents - this is in the competence of local authorities. It is planned that the journey of the companions of life will be free, the same, perhaps, will be food. Here the decision remains for shipping companies. But about the currency on purchases and cultural events must worry husbands, who can deposit this part of their earnings.

With regard to the captains, the ministry's position is unequivocal - they should be appointed, not elected. So dictates the Charter of Service ne courts, and in practice it is difficult to do otherwise. Nevertheless, the processes of democratization also touched upon this sphere. Candidates for this important post are now being discussed at a general meeting! where their moral and professional qualities are weighed and evaluated. Characteristics given by the crew, plays a decisive role in the nomination. In addition, lists of future commanders are posted in the shipping company, published in the newspaper for public viewing.

This procedure has already yielded positive results. Thus, only 3 people were released from the position of captain for shortcomings in work and personal misconduct. Simultaneously, the captain corps rejuvenates, personnel reserves are created, so that sailors can go on vacation on time, have a good rest. We also think about veterans. In the pension legislation now in preparation, the age limit for seafarers is set at 55 years ...

In memory of the hospitable hosts, the delegation of the "Moscow City Council" presented a small model of its vessel, thanked for the cordial welcome. In Moscow, the sailors visited the performance of the Sovremennik Theater, visited VDNKh, the Armory Chamber, and the Ostankino TV Tower.

"They did not even expect," Zakharov says, "that there will be such a warm, truly friendly meeting, a rich cultural program. We take our best impressions from Moscow, we look forward to the return visit ...

It will probably not be very soon. After the sailors, returning from the capital, went on a new flight. By the way, in the previous one, which was completed in November, the crew of the Moscow City Council fulfilled the production plan. So the bosses can be justly proud of their wards - they will not let you down, not embarrassed by the name inscribed on the ship.

When the number was numbered, a radiogram was received from the board of the same gas carrier to the Moscow City Council, Captain V. Tuliyev reported that on December 10 near the Bahamas the crew of the ship rescued a yacht with three US citizens in distress. They received medical care, and the gas carrier follows the same course in New Orleans.

In recent years, the Transsiberian Container Service (TSSC), currently covering about 5% of the container traffic between Europe and the Far East, is losing ground in the competition for cargo. The main reason for the decline in client confidence and the reduction in traffic volumes is the unstable and long time delivery of transit containers in comparison with competitors (FEFC, Evergreen, Sitrein, etc.).

The analysis showed that, on average, the Transrail (sea-rail) traffic was 29.4 days on average, 40.3 in the Trans-Sea (sea-rail-sea) report, 40.3 in the Trakons (sea-railroad-motor transport) message - 32.2 days. At the same time, competitors of the TSSC transport transit containers by sea for 24-26 days.

The main advantage of SCS is the advantageous geographic position of the highway, the distance of transportation along which between Europe and the Far East is half that of the sea. However, the low level of organization of the transportation process brings it to nothing. download porn in 4k format 4k porn Porn for every taste