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PhoneStar History

The soundproofing material Fonstar is produced by the German company of the same name PhoneStar, which is part of the Wulf-Bavaria corporation since 2004. And, it would seem, that this is a rather short period for a serious development of production. Nevertheless, Foststar specialists made every effort to ensure that their products met all possible consumer needs, met all international and European standards and became popular not only among European consumers, but also in the world market.
As a result, Fonstar's production reached a significant and prestigious level fast enough, it confirmed its own quality at several international exhibitions of noise-proof world production.
2007 was marked by the fact that the corporation Wulf Bavaria was awarded the state premium "for contribution to innovations in the construction industry" and the main innovation was just the building material Fonstar. But the company's specialists did not stop there and continued to develop the production of the material, its mechanical and quality properties. As a result, 2011 was marked by a double award for the best innovation in the construction sector.
As a result, today Fonstar products are represented in the construction markets of all European countries and it is not difficult to acquire at all (this includes the possibility of searching for the material and its cost). Naturally, the domestic market is no exception in this regard. Moreover, since 2012, Russia has opened a production shop for the production of this universal material.
What can this offer for the domestic consumer? First of all, the development of Fonstar's own production contributes to the combination of price with a high European quality. It should be noted that no one manages to compete on an equal footing with this material as on the European one, and even more so, on the domestic market - Fonstar bribes with high quality characteristics, ecological safety.
The presence of a direct producer in Russia has already positively affected the reduction of the cost of noise insulation material, since the costs of transporting the material have been significantly reduced. And you can order it by simply calling the office and negotiating with a consultant. Only experienced consultants work at PhoneStar offices, who will listen to you attentively and politely and will do everything possible to offer you high-quality products at the best prices. If the material is in stock, it will be delivered as soon as possible. If the material is not in stock, it will be produced according to your order at the factory. Join now in sex community and visit our live free xxx chat room provides a registration-free experience where you can meet sexy girls and watch nude cams without creating an account.