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Использование дорожек и площадок в саду

It is quite difficult to imagine a modern garden without the presence of paths for various purposes and sites. Like many details of the garden interior, they have a dual function - they serve as decorative elements of the garden and at the same time carry a functional load. So, garden paths can serve as zoning elements, divide the garden into separate parts that differ in decorative characteristics and purpose, serve to drive to a specific part of the garden or for pedestrian access to it. Garden areas can be used to locate recreational areas, barbecue facilities and barbecue. Garden furniture, children's sports complexes can be placed on them, and they are also used for parking cars.

At the same time, various coatings used for paving elements such as paths and platforms provide a wonderful opportunity to give the garden individuality and originality, fit them into the existing style, and create certain visual effects. So, with the help of a slightly winding path passing through the arches, you can visually increase the size of even a small garden. Natural stone, used for paving, will add mystery and color to the landscape, and a path paved with basalt tiles in a regular style will emphasize the clarity and accuracy of the lines of the classical style.

When designing garden paths and grounds, it is necessary to remember that for their proper functioning it is necessary to observe some rules. First, you should level the soil surface, compact it and pour a pillow of sand and gravel so that the coating lies evenly and does not deform during use. The width of the tracks should be at least 0.8 m, otherwise the track will be inconvenient for passage, and if it is used to drive a vehicle, it is necessary to plan a three-meter width.

Coating selection

In order to choose a suitable coating for these garden elements, you need to pay attention not only to its decorative qualities, but also to properties such as strength, durability and stability, thermal and chemical. Otherwise, the coating will be short-lived and will require prompt repair or a complete replacement.

When laying the coating, it is necessary that the surface of the tracks and pitches have a slight slope for the flow of water coming from precipitation or from melting snow.

Observing the simple rules for laying the cover, and also responsibly approaching such a stage of construction as design, you can get garden elements that are excellent in their decorative and operational properties. Play Pin Up Casino online. Videoslots, pin-up girls in real games.