Hayes Davidson

How to Move from the US to Holland

It sounds hard to pick a good International Moving company from the US to Holland. We at SDC International Shipping make your moving experience smooth!

Choosing the Right International Moving Company

Step-1: Do research and Make a List: 

Step-2: Discuss with the company professionals issues like cost of the services, quality of packing, time consumption in the documentation process, guarantee of safe transfer of goods, mode of transportation and live tracking facility on-time delivery guarantee. You also need to consider additional Services (Such as lock replacement, cleaning rooms, mechanics support, arranging furniture and goods, etc.).
One thing we particularly want to mention when you move from the US is the locksmiths' issue. Properties rented out to foreigners are usually rented on a yearly basis, meaning there are probably a lot of spare keys. Locksmiths professionals in the Netherlands work a bit different from the US but it's really important that you, or the landlord, change the locks on your property from day one. As you don't yet speak the local language the best idea is to contact your local Locksmiths before you move. They are usually connected with locksmiths from various countries through different professional organizations and can help you with contact information as well as general advice. 

These steps can help you move your belongings safely to the destination and gives you enough time to adopt the new place.