Hayes Davidson

Designs That May Require a Mega Jackpot To Come True!

Celebrities and the mega-rich love to show off their luxuries not at least when it comes to cars, homes and even a private flight. Stars with money to spare have inspirational facets of aircraft interior you might consider using to refurbish your tried-and-true business or personal jet. You can learn from their interior designs what things you want one day for your interior design. It doesn't really matter if it is realistic. Daydreaming about a private yet can make the daily transit on a crowded bus, feel just so much easier.

Manhattan Airship and NYC - both expressions of sophistication

Did you know the Manhattan airship is as sophisticated as NYC? Capturing deep mahogany wood, brass, and rich jeweled hues make everything look like the Empire State Building. Much like a luxury cruise liner, there is a luxury lounge whose décor was inspired by the Chrysler building. It is here that people met on retractable bar stools, lit by vintage sconces and comforted by a lambskin divan. There is even a panoramic city loft window, even more, conducive to the New York state of mind. On a similar note, the Hollywood Airship stands alone among a crowd of average private jets with its light colors coupled with chrome accents. Neoclassic artwork brings people back to the golden age of Hollywood. A lounge area similar in design is filled with 1930’s glam, tributes to the great black and white films of old, with backlit crystal structures to boot. 

Win Big To Design Your Dreams

You may be able to offset the costs of a designer by suddenly finding yourself with some extra money. It may be from a work bonus, an insurance policy, inheritance or even from a big win from the lottery or casino. To buy your own private yet you will need a big win. Something like a mega jackpot. The company Microgaming may be unknown to you unless you are really into what is called "pokies". They are the online version of the old fruit machines but besides some spinning wheels, the modern games don't have much in common with the old fruit machines. Back to Microgaming, this is the company that has made lots of people around the glob multi-millionaires in the split of a second. They develop modern games with jackpots that get extremely high before they suddenly explode. To buy a luxury home or a private yet, this is what you need. The game with the biggest jackpot is called Mega Moolah. It pays out several times a year. The last time was in December, a few weeks before Christmas. The win? Well, let's say it made Christmas shopping a lot easier with €3,252,253.70 (!). It is unbelievable and still happens a few times per year! So if you ever wondered why more people than ever are turning to online games rather than traditional casinos, then this is your answer! While traditional casino certainly does offer a great deal of fun, you can never walk away with a win like this from putting a few coins into a slot machine! No way.

Online Dreams & Wins Are Bigger

Yes, I bet it's only online you can win three million dollars. Everything online has a tendency to allow everything to become bigger. Dreams, winnings and not at least, our combined expenses for all of our online activities are easier to skyrocket when everything is bought with a click from Amazon. The increase of online activities, not at least when it comes to gaming, both in general but specifically when it comes to casinos has to do with many things. Of course it's not only that the winnings are so much bigger.

Financially speaking there are simply better options, more options for people who might want to invest in long-term playing with third-party money systems. For example, some people might have Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies with which they want to gamble but a traditional casino is not going to accept that. There are plenty of online casinos however which do. For people who are paid in cryptocurrencies for particular services or operate in heavily virtualized environments, the option of playing in a virtual setting with their virtual currency can be very beneficial. Besides, not everybody who wants to play casino games does so for the socialization, the loud concert noises in the background, or the cigarette smoke from all the people next to them. In fact, many people prefer to play regularly in a more comfortable setting where they are better able to focus on the game at hand.

For this reason and many more people are starting to find online games significantly more appealing than traditional brick-and-mortar establishments. I personally believe all of the rest is just crap, people play online because you can become a millionaire. It's as simple as that. There are of course other financial benefits other than simply being able to use a variety of currencies. You get to use different fiat currencies. People from Australia can use Australian dollars to deposit into their accounts and withdraw Australian dollars even though they are gambling with a Chinese website or a website based out of Denmark. With so many companies offering support for a variety of currencies it makes it easier for international players to take advantage of different games and different websites all over. This reduces the struggle and literal cost associated with having to exchange currencies regularly in online environments.

So continue to dream and one day it will happen!