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The village swallow is well known to everyone

At that moment I was able to use the knowledge and skills that I got in hunting: the ability to walk without noise, like a cat, quick response in shooting, composure and endurance. Only because of this I returned home safe and sound.

I was sorry for my friends in the service, seeing how, due to lack of endurance and knowledge of disguise, they paid with their health, and sometimes with life. Many guys remained crippled due to improper handling of weapons. This, of course, is a big drawback to our commanders. True, the technique in the army is complex and for two years of service it is difficult to master it in perfection. I join the requests of those guys who have a passion for hunting before the army. They can not be denied.

The driver of the Zagorsk plant of school instrument making Rozhkov GP is not a member of the society of hunters. The double-barreled gun of the 16th caliber was illegal and kept it in the village. Tsarevskoy in the same district, where he came to Kotkovo, where he lives, to rest and was engaged in poaching.

In October of last year, he illegally shot an elk. To transfer meat from the forest home asked his acquaintances Sharonov SA and Antipov E. Yu. Meat was brought into the house to Sharonov's mother, apparently in the expectation that there it would be more safe, since Sharonov's brother works in the militia.

But the poacher did not have time to use the meat. The district inspector of the Khotkovo police station, lieutenant of militia SN Lisitsyn, and the hunting specialist of the Moscow regional hunting administration in the Zagorsky district, AT Amelin, seized the meat. However, the senior criminal investigation officer of the Khotkovo police department, senior police lieutenant Kurushin GA, was in no hurry to bring Rozhkov to justice for poaching. He decided to transfer materials to him in a comrades' court at the place of work, where in fact the materials were not sent.

The prosecutor of the Investigative Directorate of the Prosecutor's Office of the Moscow Region, Justice Adviser SS Zykov disagreed with this decision of the police, revoked it and instituted criminal proceedings under art. 166 of Part 2 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR. Inspector of the inquiry of Zagorsky police department, police captain IL Tareva conducted a qualified inquiry. The criminal case was sent to the Zagorsk city people's court.

In the court session, under the chairmanship of People's Judge EP Sysoeva, Rozhkov's wine was fully proved. The court sentenced him to one year six months of imprisonment with a suspended sentence of one year. The hunting gun was confiscated from him. The court ordered Rozhkov once a month to go to the Khotkovo police department for registration. The damage caused to the hunting economy in the amount of 1323 rubles. Rozhkov repaid voluntarily.

As Zavorskiy City People's Court was told by the deputy director of the plant for personnel and everyday life BA Survilov, the verdict on Rozhkov was discussed in the work collective at the place of his work.

A village swallow, or killer whale, is well known to everyone. Its color is blue-black on top with a white or rusty bottom and chestnut chin. It usually nests in the economic buildings of a person, houses, yurts, under bridges and in other structures.

Many people are interested in this bird: where it hibernates, by what routes it migrates, whether zebra-swallowing swallows return to their nest for the next year. We often came across orcas, on the clutches of which were tied colorful strings, twisted copper wires or strips of aluminum foil from the bottle stoppers, and one on the neck was wearing a bow of red cloth. Such indirect address does not bring results, because it is impossible to find the person who marked the bird.

In May of this year in South Kazakhstan in the Chokpak Pass, more than a thousand killers caught on a spring flight for ringing were baptized with an alcoholic solution of picric acid in a yellow-orange-yellow color. We hope that such birds with an unusual chest color and abdomen will attract attention. Please indicate the date and place of observation of the yellow swallows, and also whether she took out the chicks or it was a one-time meeting. Our address: 480032, Alma-Ata, Institute of Zoology of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR, laboratory of ornithology. Dirtyroulette is an anonymous nude cam site for random Live Sex Cams with thousands of naked girls and guys.