Hayes Davidson

Cleaning the face at home

All women want the skin to look healthy and well-groomed. The skin needs to be cleaned of dead cells. Of course, in the beauty salon, skin cleansing is done professionally. But such procedures are not available to all due to their high cost.
There are many facial cleansers. If you do not do skin cleansing, then the pores will clog. This, in turn, will lead to the formation of acne.
Before starting the procedure, you need to determine the type of skin. Any type of cleaning is suitable for normal skin, dry skin is suitable for gentle means, and for oily - deep cleansing.
In order not to harm the skin during cleaning, you must strictly follow all the rules. If you observe them, then the skin of the face can be cleaned as well as in the salon.
First of all, all cosmetics are removed from the face by means for washing. The skin is wiped with a tonic.
The next stage will be steaming over hot water with medicinal herbs. After this procedure, the pores expand, so it becomes easier to clean them.
Next, you should thoroughly clean the skin with a scrub or peeling agent.
Clean and disinfected hands need to squeeze out acne and pimples. After that, treat the skin with hydrogen peroxide.
To narrow the pores, apply a mask of clay. Wait 15 minutes and remove the mask with water. The remaining clay is removed with a tonic.
After all the procedures, a moisturizing mask is applied to the face. After 15 minutes, wash it off with water. Then the skin needs to be given time for rest and recovery.
The first few days the skin is restored. These days it can not be exposed to the sun. Before the release should be applied to the skin cream protecting from the sun.
To wash it is necessary mineral water or to wipe the face with a non-alcoholic tonic.
To avoid contamination of pores, it is necessary to apply masks that reduce the pores. They can be bought in stores, and it is better to do it yourself.
A well-proven mask from cucumbers. For this, a cucumber is made, which is superimposed on the face. The mask is washed off after 15 minutes.
Also effective clay mask. For this, clay is mixed with aloe juice and applied to the skin. When the clay dries, it is washed off with water.
To keep the skin clean for as long as possible, do not put the first time on the skin a foundation and powder. With strong peeling, you should apply more nourishing cream to moisten the skin.
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