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Anavar UK: Benefits, Usage and Cycle

Oxandrolone is an oral anabolic steroid derived from dihydro-testosterone. It is a strong anabolic and androgenic steroid that has no estrogenic or pro-gestational effects. Oxandrolone has been noted to be mild in oral steroids. It is well-suited for the promotion and enhancement of strength and quality muscle tissue without any side effects. It has six times the anabolic effect of testosterone, but with less androgenicity. This drug is popular among dieting bodybuilders as well as competitive athletes in speed/anaerobic sports. Its tendency to pure tissue gain (without any fat or water retention), fits well with the goals.

What is it?

Anavar UK, also known as Oxandrolone or Oxandrolone is an anabolic androgen steroid. It was first developed in 1962. Today, it is marketed under many different names. It is more effective at anabolic than androgenic, so it is often used by women. It depends on whether you are using it to increase performance or protect your muscle mass. It can be taken between 30 to 80 mg daily.

The Benefits

Anavar can be added to your training in several ways. Anavar increases red blood cell production, which gives your muscles more oxygen while training. This means that you will be able to last longer and increase your weight more quickly. This also means you will have a shorter recovery time and more muscle mass. It gives you the energy boost you need. It can also increase your body's capacity to burn fat, without reducing your overall muscular mass.


Orally, anabolic steroids can be taken. Each athlete will determine the optimal dose. It will depend on the individual's training goals and the state of their body. The following are the general guidelines for using the steroid.

The daily average dose of the drug is between 20 and 80mg

You should take the pills every day. It is best to take the pills at the same time.

The course lasts approximately eight weeks.

Women should not take more than 20mg of the drug per day.

A post-cycle therapy with Tamoxifen/Clomid is required after the intake has ended.

Oxandrolone can be used in combination with other anabolics. It is great to use during recovery after intense training or competitions.

Anavar Cycle

You will reap the maximum benefits of this steroid if you follow the correct cycle. A cycle lasting 6 weeks should be sufficient. Due to the potency of this steroid, prolonged use can cause severe side effects. It should not be taken in excess of 100mg.

The appropriate dosage should be 40 to 100mg during the bulking phase. This should be reduced to 20 to 80mg during the cutting cycle. This is most commonly used in cutting cycles. Anavar has a half-life of 9 hours. To be effective, you will need to take Anavar twice daily.

Anavar can also be used by itself without the need to stack it with any other steroids or testosterone. This can be very useful in the cutting cycle. For the bulking cycle however, you might need to stack testosterone.

Anavar Side Effects

While we have spoken extensively about the benefits of it, let's not forget that it is a steroid and can cause side effects. Before you take it, be aware of the side effects. Although it is less aromatizing than other anabolic orrogenic steroids, there are serious health risks.


Anavar-Side Effects Hepatoxicity Anavar should be avoided by those with liver disease. Anavar is a C-17aa, which is difficult to break down for the liver.


Anavar can cause high cholesterol levels. Anavar is known to lower good cholesterol and increase the bad cholesterol. This can be very harmful in the long-term, especially for your heart health. High levels of bad cholesterol can cause strokes or cardiac arrests.

Hair loss

Hair loss isn't life-threatening. However, you will need to deal with it as is the case with anabolic steroids.


A side effect that can occur immediately is acne. This can vary depending on how sensitive your skin is. It usually disappears once you stop taking the steroid.

Testosterone suppression

Testosterone suppression may occur after taking this steroid. This can cause muscle loss and slow down your progress. This can also cause other issues, such as sexual problems.

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