Hayes Davidson

Atlantica Online: Y8 Game Overview

I would like to talk about Atlantica Online for a long time, in essence and with the constant mention of fifty other similar to each other, like Chinese-clad military uniforms at the parade, representatives of the almost official class “MMO-slag”. Play best Y8 games at the website. Y8 dress up games online play the games, relax, have fun. Outwardly, this game can be inadvertently confused with another member of the untouchable and low-play caste. Dressed-up nyashechki, acidic colors, explicit armor of female characters - Koreans have long had special ideas about the visual style, and apparently they will not change them for a very long time. Ndoors Interactive decided to adopt the achievements of its colleagues, but allowing only "unoriginal" in "visual". And I want to look at this omission through fingers, because Atlantica is very original.

To begin with, we explain why the name Atlantica is used in the name. Here, all roots grow from the mythology of the world. Atlantis, the Atlanteans inhabiting it - events take place at a time when these two concepts were just not fictitious. Moreover, the representatives of the ancient Atlantean race themselves played an important role in the history of the universe. They created a substance miraculous in its properties - “Orihalk”, which endowed people with supernatural abilities. As it usually happens, the given substance was sorely lacking at all, and soon the ingredients necessary for its creation began to dry up.

What happened after the energy crisis in the world of the Atlantic- guessing is easy. In terrible agony and “breaking”, the Atlanteans planted on “Orihalk” went on a bloody campaign against the whole world, but they completely forgot that the magic extract, which gives unlimited power, is detrimental (like all kinds of drugs, children!) And affects its fans - consumers. Here, if you want, you can draw a clear analogy with the “Adam” from BioShock . Ken Levine was clearly inspired by ancient Greek mythology. Well, Ndoors does not hide this at all: the name of the stupefying substance, and Atlantis with the Atlanteans - all this is a tribute to Plato , Hesiod and other famous writers of antiquity.

The character creation process is the most unoriginal and boring part in all of Atlantica Online . No matter what you do, no matter what sliders you move, you will still end up with an inconspicuous clone in a predictable throw-on robe of acid tones and with the standard “I love anime” hairstyle. At this stage, the most important thing is to overcome yourself and convince that the most terrible and boring in the game is already exactly behind.
Ever since the Orichalcum war with a heavy gait took place all over the world, Atlantica Online has passed more than one hundred years. Our character is one of the descendants of those same "addicts." The path that he is destined to go through is a long and difficult one. The layout is understandable: gain courage, experience, courage, put together an army of fellow squires, in order to ultimately discover the mystery of the death of that very Atlantis - a mysterious continent, the existence (or nonexistence) of which the townsfolk love to tell you in our very real world.

Being new to Atlantica is simple and fun. And it’s not about competently compiled tutorials, affability of NPC or well-hidden tips. The developers quite elegantly approached the problem of nubbing urging. More pumped characters, as it sometimes happens, disrespectfully to "young growth". But if you already encourage experienced players for the fact that they give up all their affairs and go to all possible assistance to their younger brothers, then this will change the matter fundamentally.

Bonuses are awarded for help: they were transported with a noob, helped with equipment and weapons, followed its development - you will get the long-awaited points in the end. That's how the developers once and for all solved the problem of rudeness and familiarity between users. Other teams should take advantage of the find Ndoors Interactive.

Ethics of relations - only the smallest that “Atlantic” can surprise . Most of all admiration, approving glances and nods are, of course, grabbed by the combat system. Or even, rather, a combination of combat and study mode. To make it easier and more understandable for you to read the following lines, refresh your memory of the glorious minutes and hours spent at King's Bounty or Heroes of Might and Magic . That is, you must have already understood how the gameplay is organized in Atlantica Online . There is a clear separation between turn-based and real-time.

Traveling around the world, of course, takes place without queues and pauses. And you just have to get involved with a random mob in a fight, like "Atlantic"turns into the Korean version of "Heroes" . The time of the round is strictly limited, per move it is allowed to carry out one action for each participant in the battle. That is, it may happen that some member of your team does not have time to show what he is capable of, and the right to move will safely pass to the enemy. It is difficult only at first - at higher levels you will learn to masterfully juggle your wards with special attacks, choosing the most effective and convincing skills for the enemy and making master combos based on them. Paradise for calculating geeks, "turn-based".

We didn’t speak about team members for nothing. In Atlantica Online, you can recruit a squad of eight mercenaries (not to be confused with a group of live players) maximum, which will be with you all the time. The principle of selection is fully based on the diversity and balance of specialties in the team. We need magicians-healers who provide first aid and resurrect those who did not apply for it on time. Swordsmen, as befits a powerful and persistent "tanks", restrain the main blow, clumsy hatchets in every possible way help them. As for archers, they, of course, beat everyone from a distance, covering their own, but the guitarists ... This class looks especially exotic. Indeed, not every MMORPG allows us to torture the enemy to death with taken chords on a string instrument.

Only nine classes, but the funniest of them becomes available only after reaching the hundredth level by any other character tied to the current account. The developers reasonably reasoned that even such a daredevil, who had not regretted spending a lot of his precious time at Atlantica Online , the game would be so exhausted by that time that only the proposal of an uncontrolled and incessant rush could at least somehow attract his attention. Privileged users will be able to arrange a bloody massacre by allowing access to the Maniac class. In the hands of such characters give chainsaws.

So we imagine a spectacle: a controlled peddler of evil and horror cuts newcomers into second-rate mincemeat, scattering fragments of flesh around and spilling someone else's blood. Sleepless nights spentAfter that, the “Atlantic” will not seem to anyone pointless fuss.

Now I also want to talk about these very nights. So, the kind developers arranged the “Atlantic” role system in such a way that you don’t need to devote as much time to it as the guild leaders in World of Warcraft usually did.

A fundamentally important point is the categorical denial of the grind, the endless “casting” of a thousand or two monsters in one go.

Here's how this system works: after each battle, the unit’s endurance decreases. The same thing happens with the “expo” - the percentage of its output falls. With the reduction of experience gained, the number of trophies and special awards earned does not increase either. And that means it's time to freshen up, relax and engage in the world of Atlantica Online anything else, no less useful than a soporific grind.

It’s definitely not going to be boring, there are plenty of classes. Tasks evenly packaged in the story quest are more than enough - you will not feel the lack of experience from their implementation.

We have not yet told you about the same pvp. And yet he is quite extensive here. You can participate in a single fight or show your abilities in tournaments. However, if almost from the very birth you had a persistent hostility to all kinds of competitions in your brain, then no one forbids not to participate in showy fights, but to become a real fan and bet on a fighter you like.

Do you want to prove yourself in the wars of nations? You are welcome! Their cause, as a rule, is confusion with the redistribution of property. The city can easily become the object of desire of a whole guild - the bonuses from its ownership are too good.

In your own city, you can regulate the receipt of taxes, NPC prices, and even whole laws. In the end, if there is a city, then you can establish a whole state. After this, as you know, a couple more enviable opportunities are opened. Especially in this regard, the commander in chief "gets" well. For him, access to unique items and mercenaries is open.