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A Personal Website for a Poker Player: How Should It Look Like?

A Website Design for a Professional Poker Player: Trends You Need to Know

As we live in the era of the Internet, it becomes one of the most influential ways of spreading information around the globe. Nowadays, the first thing we do when we are interested in a certain topic or personality is to search on the web. That’s why public people often want to have their personal website – so-called “a business card website”. Poker players aren’t an exception. Almost all of them have personal websites.
Why is it important to have it? For example, you are a big fan of a famous player Phil Ivey and you want to find out about all his tournaments, winnings and other interesting facts about his poker career. Of course, there are a lot of websites with these data, however, the facts provided on a personal page always look more reliable.

A perfect website for poker: Phil Ivey as an example

Let’s imagine that Phil Ivey asked a design agency to create a stylish and modern website for him. How will it look like? First of all, it should be based on the latest design trends, namely:
Flat design – it means pages with minimalistic representation, light colors, and, of course, 3-dimensional space illusion. It uses colors and lights to create visual depth. Flat design is also based on gradients, textures, and contrasts.
Websites about poker should also have animated elements. Gifs allow users to perceive information better. In the case of a poker player’s website, animations with cards will be a good solution.
A layout that isn’t overwhelmed with elements – simple websites with well-spaced blocks usually look more attractive to users. However, it’s OK to use asymmetrical layouts for websites connected with poker.
An appropriate color palette – as far as the website is dedicated to a poker personality, it is better to utilize colors associated with the game: black, red, or green. At the same time, the set of colors shouldn’t be too bright. A designer can also use shades and hues of the main palette.
Interactivity – if to include interactive parts connected with the card game to the website, it will surely become more interesting for users.
Creating a website for Phil Ivey, a designer will probably use attractive fonts. Fonts are a very important thing because they deliver text to a user. For instance, publishing his net worth, Phil Ivey should somehow highlight these data on a page because fans usually want to know it and search for it. A stylish and easy-to-read font helps to deliver the message to users.
A website for Phil Ivey will certainly include a page with his biography. “About me” page should clearly provide details about this person’s life journey. It will be done in a minimalistic and clean style or delivered in a way that is more creative. The main thing to include is Phil’s photo. By the way, you can read about this legendary player here: https://logincasino.org/article/phil-ivey-61691.html.
Many people prefer to use templates in order to make a website design process easier. They significantly save time because all elements are already designed. One can find an enormous number of templates on the web.
However, a website as a business card sometimes needs more unique design and customer-oriented approach towards the task. Especially, when it is dedicated to a public person. A well-designed website means a lot for poker players because they share information about their professional careers and achievements there.