Hayes Davidson

7 places worth visiting in Latvia

Sinewill's Movie Manege. This is a territory specially dedicated to the filming of films, where it is necessary to demonstrate the old times and locations. In this town has already been shot a large number of not only documentary videos, but also famous feature films. It can be viewed both on weekdays and on weekends, and see all the nuances and details of the filming process. The admission for children is free, and adults will have to pay 3 euros.

Cape Kolka. This is one of the most beautiful places in the country. Here you can enjoy the tranquility of nature, stay with an overnight stay, and in the spring watch the flight birds. In addition, the cape is surrounded by a pine forest, which not only looks very beautiful, but also gives off special evaporation, which is very useful for the health of the lungs. And also here you can try the local fish, which is smoked in a special way.

Birinu Castle. A charming place that many lovers of couples choose for their wedding ceremony. This castle is located far from the capital, and the territory adjacent to it is more calm and peaceful.

Rundale Palace. One of the most beautiful monuments of architecture in Latvia. This palace will not leave indifferent any tourist, because its architecture, style and size really fascinate. This is an example of baroque architecture, which completely conveys all the luxury and elegance of that era. You can not only admire the architecture, but also visit exhibitions on the art and history of Latvia, because the castle is also a museum. Special attention is paid to the surroundings of the palace: beautiful terraces, gardens, greenhouse, park will load you during its construction.

Amatciems. Another beautiful Latvian village in which you can enjoy the beauty of nature. This place is especially suitable for tourists who like solitude, lack of urban turmoil.

Slitere National Park. Here you can just stroll along the seashore, the pine forest, climb the high plains and see the beauty of this territory from a bird's eye view. And also lovers of outdoor activities, especially those who do cycling tours, will have a great rest. In this park you can visit the museum, which houses a large number of different antique objects.

Karosta-Liepaja. This is a special part of Latvia, the atmosphere of which you will not find anywhere else in the world. In the last century it was a military town. Basically, from old buildings there were only ruins, but the town will still be interesting to any tourist. Some of the fortresses on the sea coast still remained intact, but many tourists go here for unusual impressions - stay in prison for a day. Here you can admire the beautiful sunsets on the sea coast or spend your weekend more actively - go on a 12-kilometer bike ride.

Forest Pokain. Not only is this one of the most beautiful and picturesque forests in Europe, it is still a very mysterious and unusual place, enveloped in various legends. After all, around this forest are placed the same stones in a certain order. Nobody knows who and when will put them here. And because of this, the locals created a large number of legends. In addition, in the forest you can see a large number of plants and animals that are on the verge of extinction. Buy 15hm on link on company website Avek Global.