Hayes Davidson

Marketing Collective

Hayes Davidson works on a vast range of projects in collaboration with some of the world’s best architects, developers and designers. This collection highlights some of the schemes we worked on where the space will be experienced by people as a collective. This includes iconic stadiums, heritage sites, museums and mixed-use developments such as retail, residential and office workspaces.

Our primary goal for these projects is to successfully communicate the atmosphere as well as celebrating the architecture. Depending on what will sell the scheme in its best light, we may take the approach of photorealism or a more illustrative style, and will explore the best-suited deliverable, be that still images, film or interactive experiences. We will collaborate with the client team to ensure we achieve the desired outcome and reach the target audience.

Marketing Individual

Hayes Davidson has the privilege of working on schemes in some of the world’s most luxurious destinations, including hotel resorts and residential developments, which are targeted towards the individual experience.

Our work for these developments may appear in marketing brochures, books or websites, and we work with the client and architect to achieve a sense of serenity and luxury through our imagery and animated work.


Hayes Davidson often works closely alongside architects on competitions or smaller scale projects. This often presents the opportunity to create artwork in alternative styles.

This illustrative imagery is deliberately experimental, exploring different combinations of media to extend the aesthetic of conventional architectural illustration. We also seek to find beautiful uses of film and interactive experiences to further explain the building’s design intent.